The Canopy Pilots


The best of the best

With gold medals in virtually every discipline and numerous world records to their credit, the team members combine for over 100,000 skydives and 6,000 BASE jumps. Throughout the year, they perform more than 60 demos including air shows, NFL games, and NASCAR and motocross races, as well as skydiving, BASE jumping and paragliding competitions in the U.S. and abroad.


Meet the Team


P-20140221-00274_news 2.jpg

Jon Devore

P-20140221-00283_news 2.jpg

Miles Daisher


P-20140221-00287_news 2.jpg

Luke Aikins

P-20140212-00010_news 2.jpg

Amy Chmelecki


P-20140221-00264_news 2.jpg

Jeff Provenzano

P-20140221-00270_news 2.jpg

Andy Farrington


P-20140221-00277_news 2.jpg

Sean MacCormac

P-20140221-00279_news 2.jpg

Mike Swanson