"Gravity is my engine"



As manager of the Red Bull Air Force, Jon DeVore is part educator, part performer, and 100% percent visionary. “My passion is human flight, and I’d like to teach the general public that what we’re doing is actually flying, not just dropping,” he explains. To date, he has logged over 17,000 skydives and 500 BASE jumps.

Jon survived a life-threatening bone marrow disease in infancy and grew up exploring the great outdoors, making his first skydive as a teenager. He went on to win multiple national and world championships in individual and three-man freeflying, and been involved in every world record ever set for freeflying head down in formation (six in all). Jon also survived a ninety-mile-an-hour crash into a mountain when a film stunt went wrong; since then he’s been intensely involved in planning every shoot he undertakes.

In summer 2010 he had the unprecedented experience of flying in a wingsuit among Chicago’s skyscrapers for the movie, Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. A few years later, in 2013, the real-life action man was once again involved in several big budget movies, including being a member of the skydiving team in Iron Man 3 and doing stunts for The Hangover Part III. As with most movies, the real superheroes act behind the scenes, and when it comes to Jon Devore, that's definitely the case!

Handle: @jondevore



Wingsuit / Proxy



19,000+ skydives
500+ BASE jumps
Red Bull Air Force Manager



Stunt Coordination