"It’s a magical thing when you fall out of the air"



"It's a magical thing when you fall out of the air," says Miles Daisher. He loves canopy work so much that he's completed well over 4,600 BASE jumps, in addition to his 8,000 skydives. In 2005, he set a BASE jumping record by launching 57-times in a single day, climbing a total of nearly 29,000 vertical feet in total. He reclaimed his record in June 2017, jumping off the IB Perrine Bridge 64 times and hiking out of the canyon 63 times

A United States Air Force brat, Miles grew up on military bases, which explains his UK wrestling championship and pole vault title. He made his first solo skydive at 25 and inaugural BASE jump two years later. Today, he teaches skydivers to BASE jump, and he and his wife Nikki also organise the annual Perrine Bridge Festival to raise money for kids with special needs.

Miles is always stoked to advocate new sports, such as 'skyaking' (aerobatic skydiving while seated in a kayak, for a high-performance landing on water) and 'rope-swing BASE jumping' (launching a freewheeling BASE jump by swinging off a building or bridge).

He's also got his talents immortalised on camera by starring in several high budget movies such as Iron Man 3 and Human Flight 3D. "Instead of actors that do their own stunts, we're stunt men that do our own acting," he laughs. Talking about Human Flight 3D, he continues: "We captured the most amazing footage. People are going to feel like they're right in the harness with us!"

Handle: @miles_daisher
Website: milesdaisher.com



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4,500+ BASE jumps
World Record Holder