"As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a skydiver."



Amy Chmelecki is a U.S.-born aerial expert. With 15 world records and five world titles to her name, she's always looking for something new and is fired up for the next big challenge.
As far back in her childhood as she can remember, Amy always wanted to be a skydiver. The ambition to learn the sport began as early as age 13 and continued through her teenage years, until finally getting her first chance at the legal age of 18.
After that first experience of freefall, she knew skydiving would be a major focus of her life. Later that year, Amy earned her skydiving license in her native state, New York. For the next three years, she made time to jump as much as possible while finishing college.
After college, Amy headed west to spend her time practicing the sport at Skydive Arizona. She dreamed of being a professional snowboarder as a kid, but at 18 found an altogether different kind of 'big air.' "After I went for a skydive when I turned 18, I realized it was something you could do all the time, if you wanted. I never looked back," Amy says.
She scored her first sponsorship in 2001 and from there knew that skydiving, wingsuit flying and tunnel flying were going to be her aerial-based career of choice. "I saw a path paved out for me. It was a great feeling. It was like I had no question that I was going to have a good career and a good time."
Fast forward more than a decade and Amy's picked up 11 national titles, five world titles, an astounding 15 world records and counting. She puts her stellar resume down to experience in her sport and having taken part in lots of different disciplines. "Most people hang out in a specific discipline for a while, win a championship, and then stop. I am always fired up about the next new thing to learn and master," she explains.

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Tunnel Flying
Wingsuit / Proxy



7 world titles
11 World Records



Tunnel Flying