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Welcoming the New Year!

Approaching the new year, we wanted to reflect on 2015 and thank all of you who have supported the team! Whether it be at the Red Bull Air Races, various air shows across the globe, or online, we couldn’t do it without you! We would also like send a warm thanks to our families, friends, and sponsors for their continued support over the years.

In 2015, we welcomed new team members. We traveled the globe, making stops in nine different countries. The race plane underwent various modifications throughout the year. And to top it all off, we made it back on the podium in Austria! Boy, did it feel good!

So, what’s NEW in 2016?

  •      A New Team Member – Stay tuned for the exciting reveal!
  •      Modifications – Expect BIG changes for the next race season!
  •      New Locations – Red Bull Air race will be stopping in Germany and Indianapolis!
  •      More Air Shows – Keep an eye out for our 2016 calendar to see if we will be stopping near you! 


As an established team, we are ready to greet an even bigger and busier 2016!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!



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Feel the Force – G Force!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to experience G-force? Kirby shares thoughts on his very first experience, as well as what it’s like now!
“The first time I really experienced any significant g force was flying with our chief pilot in a Citation. He pulled the airplane up, probably producing a max of 2 g’s, and I just remember thinking, ‘this is something else!’ I felt like everything in my face was being pulled down and all I could do was hope the airplane didn’t break!
As I started flying aerobatics, I had to build up a tolerance through anti-g strain maneuvers. When experiencing positive g’s, you tighten your stomach and abdominal muscles – it’s a straining motion. With negative g’s, it’s the opposite. Rather than straining, you really have to relax. A lot of people find negative g’s extremely uncomfortable, because it feels like everything in your body is trying to fit into your head. But like anything, with whatever you do, you get used to it.

Now I don’t even think about how to react to g’s, I just do it. It’s like breathing! That being said, there is a tolerance level. If I go more than about a week without pulling 8-10 g’s, positive and negative, it’s like starting all over.”
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The Business Of Me, Kirby Chambliss….


Wake up time? 5am.

Working Day? 5:30 till things get done, whatever time that is….

Business Lunch? In Arizona, Creative Cafe, Ahi Chihuahua Burger.

Lunch on the go? A nice salad.

High point of the day? Aways mornings.

Last thing you do at night? Decompress on NetFlex.

Bedtime? Usually 11.


What two things are vital to your day? Red Bull and my cell phone.

What is the view from your office? My airplanes in the hangar.

Most used emoji? Happy face.

Computer screensaver? A picture of my daughter.

Most surprising item in your backpack? There’s no telling, never clean it out.

How do you celebrate? Privately.

Guilty pleasure? Skydiving.

How do you unwind? Watch movies.

How do you stay in shape? Run, bike, lift weights and have pull up contests with my daughter, Karly.


What was your dream job as a kid? I always wanted to be a pilot, never anything else.

What one meeting changed your life? So many, but I would have to say the interview with the Chief Pilot at La Quinta Motor Inns, when I was 21.

Biggest risk that has paid off? Moving to and building at the Flying Crown Ranch.

Proudest moment? The day my daughter was born.

What keeps you awake at night? Not much.

Who was your greatest mentor? My Dad!


What advice would you give a 20-year-old self? Persistence and being prepared for the opportunity is the key.

What is your pet peeve? No manners.

Success is? Being content.

Failure is? Not giving 100 percent.




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Team Chambliss Training in Altixco, Mexico!

Team Chambliss had a high energy training session at Xtremo Parque in Puebla, Mexico! A brand new Extreme Park at the Atlixco, Airport with skydiving, go-karts, huge slides, a zip line, paintball and soon to be wind tunnel. There was lots of skydiving and flying during the week! Here are just a few of our favorite shots from Xtremo….

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Thanksgiving Day Memories

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Chambliss!

Although some of  the team may be traveling today, they cherish Thanksgiving Day memories with family and friends. Read below their favorite memories from the past!


Kirby Chambliss:

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory is one I was able to share with my entire family in San Antonio, TX. All of my siblings were in one place. With seven of us living all over the world, being together at the same time doesn’t happen very often! This Thanksgiving we are working in Mexico, but hope to make it home in time for a turkey sandwich!”

Jason Resop:

“I can’t choose just one memory specifically. I love getting to spend time with family and friends on Thanksgiving and whenever else possible. We don’t get to see each other very often due to the amount of traveling we do for work, so any time spent together is great!”

Kayla Layton:

“Every year my family gathers at my grandparents house. My grandma puts so much effort into preparing a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with every dish and pie one could think of! One year, while cooling down the pressure cooker filled with potatoes, the counterweight got knocked off and a loud POP filled the house. We ran into the kitchen to see potatoes everywhere – on grandma, the counters, and even the ceiling! The entire family was left in a laughing fit!”

Jay Stewart:

“Thanksgiving has always been a special time. Family would come from all over the South to enjoy fellowship and food. The weather was cool and perfect for football. The cold air also acted as a short term refrigerator after the meal. Mom would put the leftover turkey outside to chill, and we would later  pick it clean for sandwiches and other goodies. One year Mom placed it outside in the normal high spot, thinking it was safe. Unfortunately, our cat had some serious leaping abilities. He found our stash and ate almost every morsel! He looked like a football! It was hard to get mad after watching him waddle around. It was obvious he was paying the price. He was sick from overeating just like the rest of us!”

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Photo Of The Month!

Kirby having a blast flying for the USPA National Contestants at Skydive Arizona in Eloy! Kirby said, “Wow, so nice to fly at Skydive AZ, not to mention, close to home!” Photo courtesy of Kirby’s GoPro Hero4!

GoPro at SDAZ 2015

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Aero Show Queretaro 2015!

What a fantastic week in Querétaro, Mexico!

Kirby and the team had a blast catching up with friends from around the globe, some of which they haven’t seen in over a year! Team Technician, Jason Resop, even had a chance to set down the tools and join Kirby in an action packed duo!

The team will continue its adventures in Mexico for one more week, moving to Puebla. While a short break will be taken from the airplanes, there will be no absence of Team Chambliss in the skies! They plan to spend most of the week under canopy with local friends at Skydive Puebla!


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Red Bull Air Race Las Vegas, Race Day

The weather today at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was a bit of a challenge. Intermittent rain and rapidly changing wind conditions proved to increase course difficulty. An incorrect level in the Round of 14 brought the 2015 race season to an early close for Team Chambliss.

“As far as my day went, it’s not my best day. I made a small mistake and it cost me.  We didn’t advance to the Super 8 which we were really looking forward to. I put down a pretty good qualifying time yesterday and I knew I could do it, but again, just a silly mistake.”

Despite the discouraging last race, the team is already excited about the 2016 season. The race plane is evolving and the winter break will allow for fine tuning of its new features! The team is also using new methods to analyze and optimize the course path in collaboration with Microsoft. Everyone is confident that 2016 will be a fast year for the team and N14KC!

P-20151019-00085_News   P-20151018-00016_News

For further race information, visit!


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Pilot Bio

Kirby Chambliss
Kirby Chambliss
Years on Team: 22


- Five time winner of the U.S. national aerobatic championship. - Current residence: Flying Crown Ranch, AZ - He is one of the best aerobatic pilots in the world. - One of only two American pilots ever to win the Red Bull Air Race world championship. - Flown more than 70 types of aircraft and logged over 26,000 hours ( that's three years!) in the air.